Becoming Great

If you are among the few that consistently does a good job, with a good team, delivering good results to good clients – well done.  If you are among the elite that strives to consistently do a great job, with a great team, delivering great results to great clients – then congratulations!

For those of us who are somewhere on the continuum between good and great – let’s explore some of the differences that define what it means to be ‘great’!

GOOD is doing what is expected; GREAT is anticipating needs.
GOOD is resolving issues; GREAT is getting to the root cause.
GOOD is managing; GREAT is leading.
GOOD is satisfied clients; GREAT is loyal clients.
GOOD is staying ahead of the problems; GREAT is taking them head on.
GOOD is rewarding team members; GREAT is creating leaders.
GOOD moves clients away from pain; GREAT brings clients closer to their dreams.
GOOD is breakeven; GREAT is profitability.

In Hiring…. GOOD is competence; GREAT is passion.

In Marketing…  GOOD is finding clients; GREAT is clients finding you.

In Sales… GOOD is getting the transaction; GREAT is getting the client.

In Planning…  GOOD is having a plan; GREAT is working the plan.

Imagine the impact on your business when you shift from GOOD to GREAT.  What would it mean to your bottom line when clients experience GREAT.   How much easier it would be to attain and retain team members when they work in GREAT.  And how easy would it be to refer you to others when you are GREAT.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Look at your team, your products, your services, your clients, your results and define what GREAT looks like – and where you might fall short, take steps to redefine the experience.  Next horizon will be from GREAT to EXCELLENT!

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