Becoming a Better Public Speaker

If you were asked to speak in front of a room full of professionals, or colleagues, what would you do?  Would you gladly walk to the stage, or sprint in the opposite direction?

Most of us would probably decline the offer because of insecurities, nervousness, expectations, or whatever stops us from agreeing to take on the task.

Do your hands sweat?  Do your knees shake? Does your heart pound fast? Here’s the thing…even the best public speakers have had these happen to them .  They just may not feel it as strongly as you do because of experience.  Speaking in front of a large crowd is not the most natural activity for anyone.  But, if you want to get better at it, you’ll need to prepare and practice.

If you’re in introvert, you’re more likely to get overstimulated and overwhelmed when a room full of people focus on you.  If you’re an extrovert, you’re more likely to thrive on the excitement, even get energized by the thought of actively engaging with your audience.

There isn’t an official checklist to change someone into an instant public speaker.  But if you want to learn to become a better public speaker, you’ll need to remember these 3 key principles:  Prepare. Practice. Feedback.

You’ll also want to dive deeper into the following:
Be OK with your feelings (like shyness or nervousness).  Recognize them but don’t let them stop you. It’s a natural feeling and it’s part of the process.
Remember to communicate with your audience.  Pay attention to them, instead of feeling self-conscious about yourself.  Find out who they are and what they need.
Plan ahead.  Figure out the best way to get your message out.  Find the perfect way to keep your listeners’ attention.
Outline what you plan to say.  Don’t write out your speech word-for-word. You want your language to feel natural, not scripted.
Listen to your audience.  Don’t just talk to the crowd, communicate by listening as well.  If you speak about a topic that interests your audience, your speech should engage them in great conversation.
Be yourself and be confident.  People notice when others are fake.  Be genuine.  Be yourself.  Focus on your passion and run with it.  Your audience will appreciate you!

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