Author Challenge

From Concept to Published Book in One Month

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Have you started writing a book, but haven’t finished it?

It took me over three years to write my first book. The book I started to write changed several times, the title changed, the concept evolved and in April 2023 I was finally listed on Amazon. I learned a lot through that process and decided that I will never wait that long again to write a book, once I have a concept and make the commitment. 

June 19, 2023, I fell in love with a concept for a book, made the commitment and decided to push myself to publish in 30 days! And decided to document my journey to share with others and increase my level of accountability. Watch, enjoy and get inspired!

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My Book in 30 Days

"Dinking thru Life" - by PJ Weiland

The book for my 30-Day Author Challenge comes from my own experience on the Pickleball court and in the world. In my experience I have found that Pickleball seems in many ways to mirror life. This book is intended to be fun. It is intended to be entertaining. After all, Pickleball is life!

As a relative newcomer to the game, the addiction is real. I have found the Pickleball community inclusive and welcoming. I couldn’t have written this book without their help. They are the inspiration and the encouragement for this project.

My purpose in writing this book is to challenge myself and other Pickleball players to share the parallels that exist in our lives between how we play games and how we do life.

My hope is that the reader enjoys, laughs, and learns.

Although my journey has been short, it is nothing short of lessons.

Author Challenge