Ask Yourself These 4 Questions to Boost Your Business

“Look at questions as keys on a key ring. Questions might unlock doors. The bigger your key ring and the more keys you have, the more doors you can unlock.” — John C. Maxwell

Here is a simple exercise that can dramatically boost the performance of your business in the coming year.
This exercise will help you clearly articulate your goals and inspire you to do what it takes to achieve your goals.
All too often in our day-to-day we get consumed or even overwhelmed by short-term needs. We lose sight of the big picture, which can lead to a loss of purpose.
The questions I am asking you to integrate into your daily routine are designed to help you reaffirm what matters most.
Ask yourself these four questions to discover the bold, strong moves that will propel your business forward.
1) What will I do today that I will be proud of one month from today, one year from today? When you position that question correctly, you stop thinking about the short term and the fire fighting. It helps you focus on strategic planning.
2) How can it get better than this? Answering this question will challenge your thinking about the status quo. It enables long-term thinking about your tools, growth and strategic planning
3) If failure only had minor consequences, what would you undertake? This question asks you to reflect on what fear is stopping you from doing right now. Business is not graded pass-fail; there is a spectrum of consequences to actions you take. You have runway to test ideas and think about what you can take on to grow your business.
4) What would happen if you took your foot off the brake? This speaks to a fear of success. Are you holding back because you doubt your ability to handle success? Do you think that if you move too fast or are too bold moves or have too many irons in the fire, you might fail. That kind of thinking hinders growth. I work with clients to plan for that success, whether it’s staffing, inventory or other needs to meet demand. Good decisions often come with fear and excitement — that’s a sign you’re thinking big.
High-quality questions demand high-quality answers and lead to high-quality actions. Discover the bold, strong moves will propel your business forward.

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