Are You Attractive?

There are two elements involved in becoming a magnet:  Your ability to attract people and your approachability – the extent to which others perceive you as being open.  Together, these two qualities create a positive attitude, one of the top traits of a master networker.  Together, they influence how magnetic you are for your business.

Author and professional speaker Scott Ginsberg has done extensive research on approachability.  Here is a summary of Ginsberg’s tips on how to maximize your approachability.

Be ready to engage.  When you arrive at a meeting, event, party or even your kids ball games – be ready with conversation topics, questions and stories in the back of your mind.  Focus on CPI or Common Points of Interest.

Show enthusiasm.  Avoid the routine questions and answers, like “How’s it going?” “What’s up?” or “How are you?” “Fine” or “Good”, instead offer something like “Amazing!” “Everything is beautiful!”  The other person will instantly change his or her demeanor, smile and most likely match your enthusiasm.

Don’t cross your arms at networking events.  It makes you seem defensive, nervous, judgmental, close-minded or skeptical.  People see crossed arms, and they drift away.  You don’t appear approachable.

Give options for communication.  Your friends, colleagues, customers and co-workers communicate with you in different ways.  Some will choose face-to-face; some will e-mail; others will call; still others will do a little of everything. Accommodate them all.

Always have business cards.  Simply said, you just never know who you might meet and where.  Tuck them away in multiple places, so you are never without, in your golf bag, in your glove box, even give a few to your spouse.

Wear your name tag.  A person’s name is the single piece of personal information that is most often forgotten – and people are less likely to approach you if they don’t remember your name.  In addition it is also free advertising, and lastly name tags encourage people to be friendly and more approachable.

So, if you want to be more attractive, work on your approachability.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Rate yourself and your team on approachability.  Get a name tag, replenish your stash of business cards and up your game.

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