Accountability = Responsibility

When owning a business, you quickly learn that being accountable means being responsible.  Leadership positions come with a list of duties (responsibilities).  Accountability is holding yourself to a high enough standard (and having the knowledge and characteristics) to actually complete the list.

Business owners need to display a positive work ethic and take pride in their work.  They must ensure the job is done and accept responsibility for the results.  They are serious in character and go the extra mile when needed.

Accountability and Responsibility go hand-in-hand.  To run a successful business, everyone is equally responsible for their tasks.  All employees should work together and toward the same goals.  Leaders need to be held accountable for the work of their team members.  This often means building strong teams and using motivational techniques.

Here are some suggestions to help run a more productive and efficient workplace:

1 – Create task lists for each employee so they know what is expected of THEM.

2 – Introduce incentive programs so your employees are motivated to reach common goals and beyond.

3 – Individually award each employee for putting in the time, making the effort, and following through with their responsibilities.

Inspiring others, making it meaningful to you and your team, and teaching valuable lessons makes for a successful leader.  Holding yourself and your team accountable, reaching goals beyond what is expected, and carefully managing time makes for a successful business. 

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Hold yourself accountable for everything you do.  See how many more goals you end up making and how it changes your business for the better.

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