Absenteeism and Referrals

Would you like to double the number of referrals that are given in a closed networking meeting?

Here’s how … Show up! Seriously, the numbers show that the lower the absenteeism in your committed networking groups the higher the referral rates. This phenomenon creates more upbeat meetings. The upbeat mood, number of referrals, and adherence to standards impressed visitors. This increased membership, which further increased referrals.

It is in your best interest to reduce absenteeism in your exclusive networking groups. Anytime we get back to basics things improve. We renew our focus and we recommit to why we are here and what we want from our strategic partners and our commitment.

We all have circumstances from time to time that result in us missing a networking commitment. Do your best when missing a meeting to avoid consecutive absences. Avoid sending in the usual suspects as substitutes. Send fresh faces in your absence, business owners that are likely to join, as they generate new membership opportunities.

When you do miss a meeting, don’t go dark for the entire week. Instead, reach out to your fellow members and let them know that you missed them, that you want to connect and get an update on what’s happening in their business.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Renew your commitment to your attendance. Get back to basics and see the benefit of more referrals!

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