5 Ways to Keep Your Business Organized

As a business owner, we all try to find ways to save time.  Since being productive in the workplace is a huge deal, keeping your business organized is something that everyone needs.  Remember this…to be productive, you need to be organized!

Being disorganized creates clutter, diminishes focus, and causes anxiety.  Here are some ideas that will help you get MORE accomplished in LESS time.

1.  Join the Cloud
Don’t let your computer die and turn your life upside down.  Plus, when you’re on the road, you will have access to information at all times!  Great for busy owners who are running from appointments to meetings.

2.  Social Media Software
Keeping up with social media can be a nightmare.  Consider signing up for software to automate your messages and to keep them all on one platform.  Great time savers!!

3.  Clear off your Desk
A clean and organized working environment can improve productivity!  Not only keeping your desk clean, but your computer screen clean, will help you focus and be more efficient.

4.  Get an Online Calendar
Keep all your appointments organized with an online calendar.  All you will have to do is put the link to the calendar in your email signature.  Then, everyone you come into contact with through email can sign up for that free consult you always talk about. Super convenient!!!

5.  Hire a Virtual Assistant
Not only can a virtual assistant help you with all the above tasks (to make your life easier), but she can help you with any other tedious, time-consuming tasks that you often avoid. Believe it or not, this is also a “organization” tool.

Keeping your business organized leads into your personal life more than you may realize. If you can get out of the office at a decent time each night, then you will have more family/personal time, which then creates less stress and more productivity!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Take the next 5 weeks to accomplish the above 5 tasks.  Does your business and personal life become more productive?

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