5 Problem Solving Strategies

Business owners are always looking for ways to problem solve.  Sometimes the simplest strategies are the ones we never even think about.  Here are 5 problem solving strategies to help your business succeed.

  1. Sleep on it…
  2. Find out what can wait and what can’t…
  3. Break it down to bite size pieces…
  4. Work on a timeline…
  5. Use your network – no reason to go it alone…

#1.  Sleep can actually be an active function.  Sleep improves our memory and enables us to consolidate new information with the knowledge we already have.  It also changes the quality of our stored information.  We also often wake up with solutions to a problem that we need solved.

#2.  Time wasted in your business always equals wasted money.  And that’s not a good thing.  Since you want to be effective and productive, you will need to figure out what can wait and what can’t.  What brings you the most profit?  What wastes your time?  Make a list and discover what will make your business successful.

#3.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, break your tasks into smaller pieces.  Figure out what needs to get done first.  Make a list of priorities and focus on each step at a time.

#4.  Businesses tend to go in all sorts of different directions.  The key to knowing which challenges are next is to create a business timeline.  Start with years 1 to 5, refine your approach for years 5 to 10, maturing for year 10 and beyond.

#5.  You can gain access to knowledge from professionals in almost every type of business when you’re involved in a networking group.  Don’t try and find the answers to everything on your own.  Use the power of your contacts to enhance your business.

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Practice these 5 strategies in this last quarter of 2016.  Does productivity in your business increase?

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