5 Mindset Hacks for Success

“With a big enough why you can overcome any how.”

– James Clear, Atomic Habits author

Is your mindset holding you back from being more successful in your business? If so, check out these 5 hacks to improve your outlook and achieve your goals.

1) Know your why

Negative feelings of being overwhelmed often result from a lack of focus, purpose, and priorities. Remembering why you do what you do will power you through difficult times.

2) Experiment endlessly

Experts talk about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. As the name implies, a fixed mindset has set limits. It has the capacity to do things extremely well, but not to embrace change. With a growth mindset, your future is unlimited because you can learn, change and adopt new pathways to success.

Your experiments don’t have to be full-blown renderings of new ideas. Try sketching or prototyping new ideas fast and cheap, then testing and refining the ideas before you invest additional resources.

3) Tap the power of affirmations

Just like exercise trains your muscle, affirmations train your thinking. And, both take conscious effort and practice. Research shows that people can rewire their brains through the use of positive affirmations.

4) Build bridges

Investing time in networking and cultivating strong relationships will provide lifelong benefits. Some connections you make can result in enormous business advantages for you years after you initially made the connection. Be open to a wide range of relationships, just not your immediate circle. What you do today may not be what you are doing in the future, so don’t limit your connections to those within your industry or business field.

5) Practice generosity

Author and organizational behavior expert Adam Grant argues that giving is the secret to getting ahead in life and work. When we help others, we give ourselves a sense of being of service, and that feeling can be a powerful motivator and confidence builder. He recommends avoiding thinking of giving your time as a chore that disrupts your routine; rather think of giving your time as an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life or work. Helping others also builds relationships, our #4 hack, so this is a two-for-one hack.

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