5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

When it comes to making your marketing plans for 2022, should you stick with what’s worked in the past or explore some new strategies? To help you decide, here are 5 major marketing trends experts say we’ll see in 2022.

1) Online Communities Are Good for Small Businesses

In a survey of Facebook users conducted by NYU, 77 percent of respondents said online communities are the most important ones they belong to. Online communities provide a wide range of benefits to business owners, and for the most part your investment is mostly your time.

When you participate in communities such as LinkedIN, you create greater visibility for your business and increase connections. When you launch a community for your customers, such as Facebook page, and encourage user engagement, you are cultivating and sustaining a loyal market for your business.

2) The Boundaries Between Social Media Marketing, Shopping, and Customer Service Are Getting More Blurry

If a consumer scrolling on her Instagram feed taps on an ad that catches her eye, she can tap again to make buy the item or make a serivce appointment. Later, she returns to the businesses’ Instagram feed to post a comment praising her purchase or complaining about a lack of service. You might differentiate between marketing and customer service, but you customers don’t. For small businesses, this trend translates into leveraging social media opportunities to promote, sell and provide value and service to consumers.

3) Content Is Still King

Good, relevant, and engaging content fuels the social media engine. Whether it’s Facebook posts, Twitter tweets or YouTube Videos, consumer appetite for a diverse menu of online content has no limits. Learn what content appeals to your audiences through testing, look for ways to simplify the process of creating fresh, meaningful content, and keep posting on a regular basis.

4) Seeing Is Believing

You can’t beat a YouTube video for communicating with consumers. A study shows that about 70 percent of people who watch a marketing video will share it with others. The trend towards watching all video content on smartphones will continue to dominate in 2022, so when you create video content, keep in mind more and more people will view your video on a small screen.

5) Marketing Technology Advances

In this category, I’m grouping together several trends that will shape a dramatically different business and commercial environment. Some of these trends may seem like they are in the distant future for small businesses, but you’ll be seeing them in 2022 if you haven’t already. Rapid growth and adoption of these technology platforms will make it affordable for businesses of any size and scale to adopt these trends.  Specifically, we’ll see wider availability of AI platforms to support marketing content development and increased use of VR technologies to create engaging user experiences. Another trend in this area is the rise of chatbots on websites and voice search.

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