5 Habits to Sharpen Your Focus at Work

We all have moments when we feel distracted. Sometimes the sources of distraction are out of our control, but more often than not our own behaviors contribute to our lack of focus.

Staying focused on a task may seem like a simple problem to solve, but people often find it difficult to ignore distractions. Feeling frustrated about wasting time usually isn’t sufficient motivation to change the behavior.

External productivity hacks like turning off your phone only go so far. Achieving high levels of concentration also depends on your mindset and physical well-being. If you’re low on energy, your ability to concentrate is diminished. Cultivating these five healthy habits will help strengthen your resolve to stay focused.

1) Hydrate

Make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. When you don’t drink enough water, you can become dehydrated, which can lead to sluggishness, headaches, and even dizziness.

2) Eat well

A healthy, balanced diet that includes protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables gives you sustained energy. Some foods and beverages, such as high-sugar items and caffeine-based drinks, leave you feeling more tired and prone to distraction.

3) Exercise in the morning

Exercise is a proven method of boosting your energy level. If your days are typically hectic and unpredictable, chances are you won’t have an opportunity to exercise if you wait until later in the day. However, hitting the gym before work is within your control. On the days you can’t make it, doing 20 minutes of aerobic exercises at home will give you an energy boost.

4) Take regular breaks

You’ll be less tempted to check your personal email, social media, and favorite website while you’re working on a task if you know you have a scheduled break. Tell yourself you aren’t denying yourself the opportunity to do something other than the task at hand, you’re just postponing when you can do it.

Use your break time to check in with yourself, articulate how you’re feeling, and acknowledge your progress. Taking a moment to pat yourself on the back and/or recognize the challenge you’re facing can calm your mind and allow you to return to the task with increased focus.

5) Adjust your workspace to fit your style

Eliminate distractions in your work environment. Some of the sensory qualities that can affect your concentration are lighting, temperature, noise, and the comfort level of your seating and workstation. Invest in a quality office chair, a large computer monitor — more than one is ideal — and a task lamp.

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