5 Generative AI Tools to Support Your Business Communication Needs

A generative AI program can be an invaluable resource for a small business and a cost-effective way to be more productive. These programs can quickly generate unique, customized text and images for a wide range of general business communications and tasks from text-based prompts that you provide.

When using any of these generative AI tools, you will still have to do some work. For starters, the better the prompt you provide the program, the more on-target the results you receive. Also, you may have to tweak the results, either because something doesn’t make sense for your business or simply is inaccurate.

The key is finding the right AI tool for your needs. Here are five generative AI tools that you may be able to use to support business activities:

  1. ChatGPT is a fee-based chatbot can help with a variety of tasks and communications activities like responding to customer inquiries, generating new ideas and content, and automating processes. You can have conversations with ChatGPT to get helpful information or have it create SEO-friendly blog posts, email messages, social media captions, ad copy and more based on your prompts.
  2. Bing Chat is a free Microsoft program that offers three modes of generating content and options to fine-tune results. There is also a paid subscriber level for additional capabilities.
  3. Copy.ai is a fee-based AI writing assistant helps create marketing copy and social media content. Small businesses can use it to develop website copy, generate product descriptions, craft email newsletters, and assist with other business writing needs. The AI can produce copy tailored to your brand voice and goals.
  4. Claude.ai is a free application that will conduct research and generate content in response to prompts. This program allows you to upload a PDF file as a writing sample and ask for new content written in the same style and voice as the pdf.
  5. DALL-E 2 is a fee-based AI image generator creates original images from text descriptions. You can use it to quickly make unique, eye-catching images and graphics, product photos, logos, marketing materials and more.

With just a prompt, these tools will save you time and money while improving all types of communications. Start exploring these options and get practice using them. You’ll quickly discover many more uses for generative AI.

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