4 Tips for Recruiting

You’ve been hearing a lot about furloughs and layoffs lately; hiring not so much. But recruiting needs to be on your mind. Why? Because businesses need to plan for the future. 

What’s recruiting going to look like for your business in the post-pandemic era? Coming out of a slow period, you could experience a rapid surge of activities and pent-up demand for your products or services. That sounds great, but you need to be prepared. Here are four tips to review now.

Know who you want to recruit

Be very clear on the role you want to fill. There’s a theory that if you can’t write three pages about who you want to recruit, then don’t start. The three pages are: job description; type of credentials required; and what will make the candidate successful in this job.

Apply marketing to your recruiting techniques

Treat recruiting much more like marketing.  To find the higher quality candidates, apply marketing techniques, including videos, email, and social media.

Conduct multiple interviews

One interview isn’t enough to learn all you need to know. Assess their skill set, check references and allow your team to interact with the candidate to ensure a great fit.

Hire the best candidate

Don’t settle for okay. Your employees are the future of your business, so you want to select a candidate who will contribute to your growth and success.

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