4 Tactics to Crush It on Social Media

If you’re just starting out on social media or you’re not seeing the results you want from your efforts, you might be wondering what else you could do to get likes. Here are five tactics that will help generate engagement with followers and create interest in your business.

Know your audience so you can publish content that’s relevant

Great content is the most important part of effective social media marketing. Your audience has a limited attention span and they are bombarded with messages.

The better you understand your audience — what they need and want, what worries them most, what they want to do and where they want to go — the more valuable your content is to them. Keep your content fresh and varied so your audiences won’t want to miss your messages.

Use multiple channels to reach a wider audience

Meet people where they are. Some people only use LinkedIn; others may read emails but don’t have a social media account. The only way you can be sure to reach maximize your reach is to use several channels. It’s not necessarily more work; you can use your same message or revise slightly. There also are social media management tools that will post to multiple platforms simultaneously. 

Post or email consistently and frequently

If your audience likes your online voice and messages, they’ll look forward to your regular publication day — so don’t disappoint them! Consistent posting keeps your followers feeling connected to you and they won’t wonder if you’ve still in business.  

Prompt user-generated content on your social media channels

This can be anything from posing questions, conducting surveys, and inviting people to share their experiences. You’ll never know what might strike a chord and prompt an outpouring of comments, so keep posting and experimenting with different types of content.

Take your own interaction on others’ accounts up a notch. Comments serve as a signal to prompt others to contribute a reply. You’ll find there’s an unspoken code of reciprocity among many social media users — if you like and comment on others’ posts, they’ll feel motivated by an unspoken rule of reciprocity to do the same on your accounts.  Make a point of engaging with others every day — you may enjoy giving likes as much as you want to get likes!

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