4 Simple Steps to Getting Referrals

Most entrepreneurs agree that getting referrals is a key component to keeping their business successful.  But many of them don’t think they get enough, or ask for them as often as they would like to.  Why don’t you pursue them as much as you should?  Perhaps it’s because you are not developing the habit of doing so.

1.  Determine ways to actively pursue your clients.  Make it a habit to provide valuable information to them, so they will want to pass it onto someone else who might benefit from it.

2.  Give out special deals to those who refer others to you.  Impress them with your dedication and drive.

3.  If you get complimented on your work, thank them and automatically ask them if they know anybody else who could use your services.

4.  Keep track of how many referrals you ask for each day or each week.  Write it down or strive for a goal each month.

You’d be amazed at how many referrals you’ll get by keeping yourself in the routine of these 4 simple steps.  And always remember to be consistent and enthusiastic when asking for referrals and when sharing your business with others!!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Ask for 1 referral every week.  Get into the habit of asking and soon you’ll be building your business off of referrals alone.

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