3 Service Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When marketing professional services, it is important to remember that you are selling something intangible. Customers are paying for an experience or solution; there are no physical goods to show them. They can’t see or touch the offering and they may not even be able to test it. To convert prospects into customers, service marketing strategies and tactics focus on building trust and cultivating relationships. Here are three tips that can help you successfully market your professional services.

Highlight results

Measure and visualize proven results so you can demonstrate the impact your services make. Use charts, before-and-after photos and graphics to quickly convey real numbers or transformation. A professional organizer, for example, might share photos of a customer’s closet before and after, or a photo of the huge pile of stuff that was discarded as a result of the organization services. Real numbers build confidence in prospects.

Leverage testimonials and case studies

When you provide proof that a third party endorses your services in the form of a testimonial, you build credibility. The form of testimonials influences the level of impact. A quotation in text on your website with no customer name will be less effective than a photo of a customer accompanying the quotation. Videos are by far the most persuasive testimonials. Showcase more than one testimonial on our website; a large number boosts your reputation and a variety of different types of customers demonstrates the range of needs your services meet.

Case studies allow you to engage prospects emotionally through storytelling. You can talk about your services in the context of a real problem, not an abstract scenario. The case study format allows you to create drama and weave in details. Start with a sense of urgency by describing the customer’s problem or situation and why it was important to resolve it. Highlight unique aspects of your service that provide an effective and satisfactory solution.

Make an introductory offer

Give prospects an opportunity to experience your services without making a long-term or expensive commitment. My free coaching session offer, in the red box below, is one example of this marketing approach.

Marketing professional services can require more effort on your part to provide assurance and tangibility compared to marketing physical products. However, by focusing on customer outcomes, proof sources, and introductory offers, you can effectively convince prospects of the value of your services and distinguish yourself from competitors.

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