11 Tips to Become a Great Leader


You recently started your own business but seem to be struggling with your newfound leadership role.  Becoming a great leader doesn’t come from just dreaming, it also comes from doing!  Have faith in yourself.  Believe in yourself so your new business can succeed. And it will!

11 Leadership Tips:

  1. Hire people that are honest and see the same vision for your product/service as you see in your product/service.
  2. Make a list of values and beliefs and share them with your employees.
  3. It is important to delegate tasks to employees.  This shows them that you trust them and know they will get the job done.
  4. Never ask an employee to do a task that you would not do.
  5. Show your employees that you are willing to do and work with them no matter what it takes to finish the task.  This shows trust and equality in each other.
  6. Always have good communication with your employees. Have frequent meetings or make your office an open door policy for discussion.
  7. Allow short breaks from tasks and joke around to break any tension or stress.
  8. Talk to your employees on a personal level.  Become more than a boss…become a friend.
  9. If you say you are going to do something, make sure to follow through to show your employees honesty.
  10. If mistakes are made, then let your employees know that we are all human and this can be corrected.
  11. Show your employees you have confidence in them and let them know as a team your business will be productive and will stay on the right track for success.

Remember your employees are a reflection of you and your business!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Which one of these 11 tips do you need to work on?  Are there more than one?  Work on one of these leadership skills each week!  See how far they will take your business.

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