10 Ways to Demonstrate Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is a growing trend in the workplace. It’s always a good practice to say thanks to your employees who go an extra mile for your business, but when you elevate your expression of gratitude into something extra – a token of appreciation, a public recognition, a gift or a benefit, you make a bigger impact and contribute to building a stronger relationship.
Benefits of a meaningful employee appreciation program include retention and job satisfaction. One study showed that 63 percent of employees who are “always” or “usually” recognized said that they are “very unlikely” to job hunt in the next three to six months. In contrast, only 11 percent of those who are “never” or “rarely” recognized would agree. As the competition for employees continues to be a challenge for many small business owners, this is a good time to review and update your employee appreciation practices.
10 ways to demonstrate appreciation to your employees
  • Write a personal, hand-written note
  • Start an internal meeting with a statement of gratitude and individual recognition
  • Present an award
  • Establish an employee of the month recognition program
  • Create a wall of fame in workplace
  • Give a personalized gift that aligns with employee’s interests
  • Give team swag – your company-branded promotional item
  • Offer a special perk like use a reserved parking spot or choose a delivered lunch for all staff “on the house”
  • Give a gift card or gift certificate
  • Offer paid time off such as late arrival or early departure day

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